H2U Membership Benefits Can Save You Money at Sunrise Health Hospitals

H2U: Health to You

Only members in current standing with our Sunrise Health H2U organization are eligible to access the services/discounts listed in our Community Partners Directory. It is a tool designed to detail the special privileges available through membership and because this directory is updated annually,H2U members are encouraged to call their local office to obtain updates prior to utilization.

Hospital Privileges

When H2U members require a stay at Sunrise MountainView or Southern Hills Hospitals, H2U membership provides extra amenities that help make their stay as comfortable as possible. These include:

  • Medicare Part A Inpatient Deductible - (not applicable for Medicare HMO or PFFS patients)-H2U members wishing to access this privilege must belong to H2U for at least 30 days prior to hospitalization. For those patients who do not have supplemental insurance, the hospital waives the Medicare Part A Inpatient Deductible. For those who do have supplemental insurance, the insurance company is billed and the remaining portion of the Medicare Part A Inpatient Deductible not covered by supplemental insurance is then waived by the hospital. Simple show the admitting personnel a current H2U membership card to utilize this privilege. Please contact your local H2U Supervisor if you receive a bill, they will have the inpatient deductible waived. The waiver of the Medicare Part A deductible does not apply to medical services rendered or items furnished by skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, or by any providers or suppliers of Medicare Part B services, such as physicians, ambulatory surgery centers, or equipment. Additionally, physicians who are Medicare beneficiaries are not eligible for a waiver of the Medicare Part A deductible.
  • Complimentary Meal Coupons - Visitors of hospitalized H2U members are entitled to complimentary hospital cafeteria coupons for use in our cafeterias during an H2U member’s stay. To access this benefit the visitor needs to present the hospitalized H2U member’s card at an H2U office after hospitalization for 24 hours has occurred. Please Note: Maximum of four coupon booklets per week.
  • Meal Discounts - By showing current H2U membership card all members H2U members receive employee prices on meals in our hospital’s cafeterias. This privilege applies to the H2U member only, not for visitor or for use on guest trays in patient rooms.
  • Medicare Counseling - Whether you are just joining the Medicare system of have been a part of it for years, our S.H.I.P.-(State Health Insurance assistance Program) trained volunteers can help you sort your way through the confusing world of co-pays, deductibles, forms and selecting a Medicare Part D plan. This is a free service by appointment only. Call your nearest H2U office for details.

Copy Service

H2U Members can receive up to 10 free copies per day. Please present your current H2U membership card to the volunteer or staff person when requesting this service.

Fax Service

H2U Members can receive five faxed pages per day and sent five locally faxed pages per day at no charge. When receiving a fax, simply ask the sender to put your name and phone number on the cover sheet, so you can be notified upon its arrival.

H2U Magazine

All H2U members receive quarterly issues of our national magazine with features on health and wellness, travel and healthy living.

H2U National Office

To replace/update your H2U membership card or find other H2U office across the country, call (800) 771-0428. Visit H2U online at www.H2U.com.

Community Partners Program Disclaimers: While the businesses listed in this directory have to meet certain requirements, H2U makes no guarantees and is not liable for services rendered. We welcome comments regarding the services you have received from the businesses listed in this directory. If you have had success with a local business and wish for them to be considered for the Community Partners Program, please contact a H2U staff member at your nearest location.

H2U reserves the right to discontinue Community Partners program offerings at any time. Revised 2011.