Get Better Care. AskMD®.

AskMD is a personalized health consultation app that is available for FREE on both iOS and Android. AskMD helps you:

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  • Identify potential causes of your symptoms quickly and easily. The answers you provide during your consultation will yield a list of possible causes that are actually relevant to you and your individual health.
  • Take the next steps to get the right care. AskMD prepares you for your doctor's appointment with a summary of your results, and can help locate doctors and specialists qualified to treat your symptoms or condition.
  • Determine if you have an emergency. If AskMD detects that you might be in a critical or life-threatening situation, the app will direct you to Emergency Rooms closest to your location.
  • Keep track of your health. AskMD has tools and information to help you learn more about your health day-to-day, and helps you organize health information you might need on a daily basis — like your medications, insurance information, and names and contact details for all your doctors.
  • Care for family and friends. AskMD allows you to create multiple health profiles, so you also can manage the health of others important to you.
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